Verena von Horsten, Zurich, Switzerland


i had this thought on my mind that probably the hardest moment after my brother died was when i was falling into darkness myself. ...while i fell into darkness or better, after a while i made the experience that falling might be a moment one can die - like my brother died - but it might inherent as well a great chance: we fall into darkness, we are going through so much pain and suffering because a specific part in us is suffering. this part is actually suffering because it hasn't been seen and heard by ourselves, yet. its something very important of your personality that has been suppressed. suppressed because we were thaught so by our family, parents, this society. but this part wants to brake free. when you suffer this part tells you: I DON'T WANT TO BE DENIED ANYMORE. suffering to me means therefore searching parts in my personality that i did not want to see before but that want to be a part of me. its to transform your shadows. this transformation is so important because it inherents the power to put you back together, to make you feel more complete, one day maybe even whole. this experience i made and every fucking feeling i had i put into these 10 songs on "ALIEN ANGEL SUPER DEATH". you can imagine that this record means therefore so much to me! its a highly personal one but something highly human. and i wish from my heart that as many people as possible can make this experience. to heal. to become as whole as possible. i wish that we as human beings can become the maximum of being human and i wish that we as a society one day have the most human society possible

Verena von Horsten on stage - video

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