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Shakra is a Swiss hard rock band from the Bern region. Formed in the mid-1990s, they play hard, gritty rock.

The original formation – still named "Ruckus" - gained first stage experience in 1990. From 1995 the band called themselves Shakra and proofed their reputation as a convincing live band. The self-titled debut album “Shakra” was released in 1998, produced by guitarist Thom Blunier (as well as the following releases).

In 2011 singer Pete Wiedmer had to leave Shakra for health reasons and was succeeded by Mark Fox. Fox, at that time 23 years old, had his first appearance as frontman of Shakra at the Bang Your Head Festival 2002 in Balingen in front of 15'000 spectators. He left Shakra end of 2009 to rejoin in 2015.

Shakra on stage - video

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