Kilmister - Motörhead Tribute Band

"We are Kilmister - and we play rock`n`roll!" Swiss Motörhead tribute band Kilmister has raised the bar in terms of tribute bands by a few notches in recent years. Seasoned rock musicians with decades of national and international experience and a great passion for Motörhead have been celebrating the life's work of Lemmy Kilmister & Co. since 2014. Musically and visually polished even to the smallest detail, the trio presents an authentic show. With Marshall walls, the oversized "Murder One" bass towers, the legendary Carved Rickenbastard bass, the Phil Campbell LAG and the massive drum in the background. Add to that the look and grater voice of frontman Thin Lem and classics of 40 years of Motörhead. The band: Thin Lem (Ex-Nö Mercy), Steve Gasser (Ex-Celtic Frost), J.P. Reinhardt (Ex-audioLegend / Ex-Fun Gögh).

Kilmister on stage - video

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