Beglinger & the Moonshine Band

Rainer Kuhn is «Beglinger» - a singer/songwriter of music somehow between folk, blues, country – about love and loss, about high emotions as well as desperation. These photos are taken at his gig with the “Moonshine Band” December 27, 2017 at Kaufleuten/Zurich. The all star Moonshine Band includes Tobey Lucas (Tobey Lucas Band), Bob Spring (Bob Spring & The Calling Sirens), Roland Häusler (Call me Kodo,, Gigi Wild (Pegasus Live), Chris Filter (Hecht), the violine player Hong Yip and Kuhn’s daughters Angela and Yamina. Rainer Kuhn is a former editor of and owns a company for native advertising, strategies and music productions. He lives in the canton of Zurich.

Beglinger - video

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