Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild is a melodic hardrock band from Stockholm and Malmoe/Sweden. The band is defined by their heavy melodic sound and well crafted songs. The essence of Pretty Wild was founded in 2006 in Malmoe. The guys wanted to play 80’s metal and recorded a three song demo wich got some attention. Tim Pretty later left and new frontman Ivan Höglund joined the band and brought a new beginning to the band. They toured Europe and USA and released their first EP “All the way” on an American label - which didn’t work out very well. The EP – added by a few songs – was rerecorded in their studio outside Malmoe. They signed with Swedmetal and released the album “All the way” in late 2008 and in 2009 hit the Swedish charts placing third in the main rock category and number one on the mid-price list. In 2010 Krizzy Fields parted with the band and Axl Ludwig joined.

Line up:

Ivan Ivve Höglund: Vocals

Axl Ludwig: Guitar

Kim Chevelle: Bass

Johnny Benson: Drums

Pretty Wild on stage - video

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