Nazareth was founded in 1968 in Scotland as a hard rock band. The band was instrumental in shaping hard rock and also laid the foundation for the emerging heavy metal. With almost 60 million albums sold worldwide, they are, together with Simple Minds, the internationally most famous music group from Scotland. Nazareth made its commercial breakthrough with the album «Razamanaz», produced by Roger Glover and released in May 1973. 1989 saw with the release of «Snakes 'N' Ladders» a very political album, showing a new facet of Nazareth. The album was political in the way that Nazareth picked up on explosive topics in the lyrics, such as human trafficking (Trouble) or prostitution because of drug addiction (Donna, Get Off That Crack). On April 30, 1999 drummer Darrell Sweet died of a heart attack before a concert, he was later replaced by Pete Agnews son Lee Agnew. On August 28, 2013 Nazareth announced that singer and founding member Dan McCafferty had left the band for health reasons. The band today is formed of Lee Agnew (drums), Pete Agnew (bass), Jimmy Murrison (guitar), Carl Sentance (vocals)

Nazareth on stage - video

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