Matthew Logan Vasques

“Matt’s voice and words have that Nashville outcast vibe to it,” says Jay Sweet, producer of the Newport Folk Festival. “He’s not California, he’s not Texas, he’s not Brooklyn—even though he’s lived in all of those places. He’s a transplant and a vagabond, which is why he embodies folk and rock music. Matt actually grew up in Austin (and Dana Point, CA too) his music is a slice of his life, an epic American saga that reflects his skill as a remarkable modern songwriter still on the rise. When he decided to go solo it was for simple reasons– to return to the style of rock he loves. You will hear his new material and you will hear a man young at heart, who loves the shit out of rock music… loves it so much that it’s been his life’s goal to make the masses reconnect with her spirit. But he’s become a father, and he’s been through some shit. At the end of the day, Matt’s objective as a singer, a poet, a preacher, a believer in this beautiful bullshit we call “RocknRoll,” is to find some harmony through life’s confusion and to make you feel good about yourself.

Matthew Logan Vasques on stage - video

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