Leather Leone

American metal vocalist LeatherLeone joined in the 1980s with drummer Sandy Sledge to start the all-female metal band Rude Girl. The band was asked to sign a seven-year record deal with Columbia Records, but split before they recorded their first album. Leone soon became lead vocalist of the band Chastain. The group was put together in 1984 by Mike Varney, president of Shrapnel Records for a David T. Chastain solo album. She recorded five albums with him over six years She released one solo album, Shock Waves, in 1989, before taking a twenty-year break from the music scene. In 2011 she began performing again in The Sledge/Leather Project, which released a debut heavy metal album, Imagine Me Alive, in 2012. After her long hiatus Leather Leone also has begun recording with Chastain again. She has recently resurfaced with a band in Brasil and begun writing and making touring plans for Europe in 2017 with the boys. Due to her connection with Rodrigo Scelza and his production company, the band includes Daemon Ross, Vinnie Tex, Thiago Velasquez and Braulio Drumond.

Leather Leone and her new band on stage - video

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